Concealed Carry Jackets

A concealed carry jacket protects the wearer from the elements while allowing them to comfortably and effectively conceal their firearm. It should also allow them to quickly and efficiently access that firearm when needed in an emergency.

That means the jacket has to have large enough pockets for holsters without getting in the way of a smooth and rapid draw.

Better Concealment

When it comes to concealed carry, a great concealed carry jacket helps your firearm blend into the background. This is important because you don’t want people to notice your gun when you are out in public.

You want to look for jackets shaped like a cardigan, blazer, or jacket and work over other clothing without looking out of place. You also want an oversized coat to accommodate your gun and magazines without pinching or sagging.

A concealed carry jacket should be water-resistant and have an exterior treatment that is tough and resistant to abrasion. It should also fit loosely to allow for movement without causing the firearm to bind or restrict. This is an essential feature that most off-the-rack winter jackets still need to accomplish.

Better Access

Many jackets have enough room for a concealed carry firearm inside a dedicated pocket, so the gun is easy to access without exposing any other pockets. The jacket should also fit well so it doesn’t feel bulky with a weapon in the pocket.

Some purpose-made jackets feature inner holster pockets that are big and deep enough for most full-size handguns, with hook and loop closure techniques to prevent unauthorized gun use. This is especially important if you plan to wear the jacket with a shoulder holster, which can be easily exposed if the pockets aren’t adequately secured. Also, look for a coat with snaps instead of zippers, as they open more quickly and allow you to get your handgun out faster in a hurry.

Better Comfort

For those who carry regularly, concealed carry jackets provide a comfortable way to hide their firearm. They are typically made of rigid, breathable material and comfortable enough to wear when cold. Additionally, they can often support a full range of motion without binding or restricting movement like many other everyday jackets do.

This is important because, as mentioned earlier, the primary function of a concealed carry jacket should be to keep you warm and comfortable. Moreover, it should enable you to quickly and effectively access your gun. If your clothing is too tight, then it’ll impede the accessibility of your weapon. It can also get caught on your holster or prevent you from drawing smoothly. This is why choosing the right fit for your concealed carry jacket is vital.

Better Style

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a concealed carry jacket is comfort. This means that the fabric should not snag on any accessories or car keys that you might be wearing with it and that the pockets are large enough to accommodate a handgun, ambidextrous pocket holsters, and other essential gear like phone, wallet, gun cleaning kit, and other miscellaneous bibs and bobs.

It should also be thick enough to hold in heat without being stiflingly hot and resist moisture to protect the wearer against rain and other elements. Finally, it should be stylish enough for daily life and survival. A concealment jacket that looks good and performs well is a significant investment.

Better Value

The concealed carry jacket should be comfortable, fit well, and look good. It should also resist the elements. A great jacket will have a tough exterior and possibly one that is treated to prevent water from absorbing into the coat. It will be able to keep you dry even in a downpour. It will have ambidextrous pockets to wear the carrier on either side. The pocket openings should be large enough to draw the sidearm quickly without snagging or printing. This traditional hoodie looks sharp and offers pass-through kangaroo pockets for covert access to your weapon. It has the interior pockets needed for concealed carry and is resistant to cold weather. It would be ideal for a survival situation.

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